Doctor Day 2016


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Doctor Day 2016
Wednesday, February 10, 2016
Madison, WI


Thank you to all who attended Doctor Day 2015 - Pictures Below!

On an unseasonably warm and sun-splashed Wednesday, March 11th, donning their signature white coats, more than 270 physicians walked to the Capitol in Madison to visit their state representatives and senators as a part of the second annual Doctor Day in Madison - a nearly 40% increase in the number of participants in just one year! Legislators, staff and other Capitol visitors alike remarked about the sheer number of physicians walking the halls last week - evidence of success toward a key goal of Doctor Day: raising the visibility of physicians in Wisconsin’s state political process.

Physicians_31115_2.jpgAmong the participants were nearly 20 Anesthesiologists, including residents from both MCW and the UW: Aimee Becker, Joseph Bernstein, Brent Boettcher, Rose Campise-Luther, Kate Cole, Lois Connolly, Christina Diaz, Gil Enriquez, David Ferron, Rafal Kopanczyk, Jay Mesrobian, Bridget Muldowney, Jim Nicholson, Robert Pearce, Andrew Schultz, Joe Strosin, Lana Volz and Liz Yun. Thank you to all!

Doctor Day 2015 began with issue briefings from Wisconsin Medical Society staff and WSA’s lobbyist, Eric Jensen interspersed with talks by three key Wisconsin political leaders: Governor Scott Walker; State Senator Leah Vukmir (R-Wauwatosa), Chair of the Senate Health Committee and Member of the Joint Finance Committee; and State Senator Jennifer Shilling (D-LaCrosse), Senate Minority Leader. All three politicians thanked physicians for their work, and while noting the number of physicians in attendance, each also stressed the importance of physicians playing a more active and visible role in Wisconsin politics.

“We believe the quality of health care in this state is a tremendous asset, not just to our quality of life but to economic development,” said Governor Walker. Noting that quality health care is a must for businesses looking to grow or come to Wisconsin, he added, “its a real premium... that’s why we want to continue to partner with you and the systems and organizations you represent."

Organized as a cross-specialty event, more than 20 organizations jointly participated in the advocacy day designed to strengthen the political voices of all physicians. Following a lunch-time presentation on legislative advocacy by Tim Hoven (former state assembly representative and current lobbyist for the Wisconsin Academy of Family Physicians) participants were again asked to discuss just a few issues briefed earlier in the morning during their legislative meetings:

  • Opposition to proposals (legislative and regulatory) being forwarded by a coalition of nursing groups to expand the scope of and create independent practice for advanced practice nurses (including CRNAs) in Wisconsin;
  • Opposition to creation of physician fee schedules for care provided to Worker’s Compensation patients (a bill stopped during the 2013-14 Session, but widely expected to return later this Session);
  • Support for a legislation to include Wisconsin in an Interstate Physician Licensing Compact currently being promoted by the Wisconsin Medical Examining Board and the national Federation of State Medical Boards.

Wrapping up with a legislative reception at a Capitol-area restaurant, D’Lux, Doctor Day attendees mingled with legislators and staff in a more casual atmosphere, and debriefed the day with colleagues of all specialties. Once again, organizers called Doctor Day 2015 a “huge success."

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Rose Campise Luther, MD, FAAP; WSA President

Eric Jensen, JD; WSA Lobbyist


Thank you to all who attended Doctor Day 2014 - Pictures Below! 

The Doctors Day at the Capital on February 12th, 2014 was a great success. Around 200 physicians, residents and medical students attended, representing 15 professional organizations, the Medical College of Wisconsin and the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health. 23  Anesthesiologists and Anesthesia Residents were among the attendees. A special thank you goes to:

Brent Boettcher, MD (resident)
Mike Bottcher, MD
John Burelbach, MD
Rose Campise-Luther, MD
Craig Cummings, MD (resident)
Christina Diaz, MD
Daniel Farber, MD (resident)
Julie Freed, MD (resident)
Molly Groose, MD (resident)
John Jochman, MD (resident)
Robert Koebert, MD
Joshua Lacey, MD (resident)
Robert Matthews, MD
Bridget Muldowney, MD
Jim Nicholson, MD
Kari Obma, MD (resident)
John Olson, MD
Matthias Riess, MD
Deb Rusy, MD
Joe Strosin, MD
Elizabeth Wilson, MD (resident)
Elizabeth Yun, MD


After a photo opportunity with Robin J. Voss, Speaker of the Wisconsin Assembly, we visited our respective Senators and Assembly members. 

The topics addressed with our legislators were the Workers Compensation Fee Schedule, the former Apology now Physician Condolence Bill, Impalla reimbursement and the by some of us the Physician Preferred Medical Risk Retention Group legislation. Incidentally (or not..) the Physician Condolence  Bill (AB 120) got scheduled  for a full Assembly vote shortly after our visit. It passed the Assembly on February 19th, and is awaiting a Senate Vote.

The Doctors Day at the Capital gave us a wonderful opportunity to make our presence known, establish a relationship with our legislators and will help us to address issues affecting our patients and our profession in the future.

Encouraged by the impressive showing of physicians this year, we are hopeful to visit the Capital next year in even larger numbers.  As soon as the date for the next Doctors Day is determined, it will be posted on our website. I am looking forward to seeing you in Madison next year.




Rose Campise Luther, MD, FAAP
President, Wisconsin Society of Anesthesiologists